These are Gillian's most complete full (or full-ish) length plays. For more titles, please visit her resumé.


All Creatures

Holidays at the Grangemont Pet Hotel are always hectic and lonely, but this year's holiday season takes a turn for the wilder with the return of a former employee who last departed in muddled scandal. This feline phantasmagoria of mixed perceptions and shifting narratives takes place over the the eight days of Hanukkah, and is relayed to us by the cats of the world, who are trying very hard to better understand the humans.


The Study Group

Four young women at a Catholic boarding school retreat from their oppressive academic life into an exploration of the occult. Hormones rage and powers wax and wane in the ever-fluctuating dynamics of a witchy teenage clique.


Little Souvenirs

An unlikely duo of ghost hunters spends three days in a haunted mansion, while a ghost named Greta grasps for any memory of her death and the life that preceded it. Worlds collide as the ghosts and humans discover they may be linked across the boundaries of time and mortality.


On Trash Monsters

9-year-old Jessica Bilson is on a mission to rein in her family's trash problem, only to discover there is a trash monster named O'Leary living in their basement garage. The Bilson family quickly find themselves caught up in a tornado of garbage, mononucleosis, Vivaldi busts, 3 a.m. secrets, doll houses, and — most importantly — the crushing guilt of feeling poisonous.